Friday, September 14, 2012

By_by summer and welcom rain !! (fashion)

Girls and boys the sun is in hiding these days so I personally started to pack my sandles ,dresses and sunglasses , soon I’ll be ready to say goodby to my summer closet and welcome the rain , wet hair and cold ,althought that may seem depressing  it can be real fun ,going shopping and all  ..So today i wanted  to talk to you about  Fall/winter fashion (i’m not a fashanista so don’t expect much) I’m going to be relying on my personal  taste and some of fashion reviews I sow on tv .

One of my favorite trends is lether , it’s no secret that lether  became a wide spread wordrobe for the last few winters  and i still think it’s the perfect thing for the grey  cold months , so I’m expecting  it to be part of my closet and yours and I’m not just talkig about bags but also lether shorts ,pants and jakets ..don’t worry I promis it will look luxiurious and stylish can find leather in Zara  and H&M collections 

Here is some pictures to help you decide :)

Second trend I like to talk about is scarves …if you need an extra wormth  scarves is the coolest accessories, it can be worn with almost every thing from a dress to a t-shirt and it can be perfect to add a little color to your is some new ways to tie a scaf :) 

ONe more thing i like to talk about ,boots, whether they're thigh high or above the knees lether or soeude they'll be in stores and i'lll be baying 

That's it i shared my fashion opinion for winter if you have an other thoughts feel free to comment :)

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