Saturday, September 22, 2012

Easy and fast

Hey girlz !!
Back to school , having tons of homework to do ,staying up late and waking up early , of caurse between traying to keep your eyes open and getting yourself ready it's hard to think what to do with your hair , i know i know ,i've been there and i hate bad hair days , so i decided to search for an easy hair do quick and usefull , i've done these so i'm sure you'll like them :)

1_ i do this one if it's hot out side or if my hair is oily 
 2_ this one is for flat hair make it more alive ;)

and this one i do all the time ...
here is a tutorial i like enjoy and i hope i was helpfull byy ..

Friday, September 14, 2012

By_by summer and welcom rain !! (fashion)

Girls and boys the sun is in hiding these days so I personally started to pack my sandles ,dresses and sunglasses , soon I’ll be ready to say goodby to my summer closet and welcome the rain , wet hair and cold ,althought that may seem depressing  it can be real fun ,going shopping and all  ..So today i wanted  to talk to you about  Fall/winter fashion (i’m not a fashanista so don’t expect much) I’m going to be relying on my personal  taste and some of fashion reviews I sow on tv .

One of my favorite trends is lether , it’s no secret that lether  became a wide spread wordrobe for the last few winters  and i still think it’s the perfect thing for the grey  cold months , so I’m expecting  it to be part of my closet and yours and I’m not just talkig about bags but also lether shorts ,pants and jakets ..don’t worry I promis it will look luxiurious and stylish can find leather in Zara  and H&M collections 

Here is some pictures to help you decide :)

Second trend I like to talk about is scarves …if you need an extra wormth  scarves is the coolest accessories, it can be worn with almost every thing from a dress to a t-shirt and it can be perfect to add a little color to your is some new ways to tie a scaf :) 

ONe more thing i like to talk about ,boots, whether they're thigh high or above the knees lether or soeude they'll be in stores and i'lll be baying 

That's it i shared my fashion opinion for winter if you have an other thoughts feel free to comment :)


hii you :)

Today i want to talk to you about my passion writing, see  i've always wanted to be a writer when i grow up,  i've always been good with words and loved to express my self as a romantic type of girl by writing poetry and short stories i loved the fact that words flowed from my pencil to create a tale .At first i only wrote in arabic and only read  to my mother who was always encouraging me, then i started reading some to my friends , i was so happy that most of them thought i have a great gift with words ,then i learned english and i loved it so i tried writing in english , of caurse when i did my writings weren't that good then i said "what the hell , i should never give up on my passion" so i started again , i've learned never to be afraid what poeple think and write freely , i guess what ever your passion is you have to follow it , you never know what may happen maybe one day you'll become something great . 

Now i'm an audio visual designer (i'll get my degree in one year) and i want to say it's not that far from writing but now i can bring my characters and setting to life ,turn them to something i can see and feel . Any way i guess what i'm trying to say is "nothing in the world can be accomplished without passion so never let go of yours and always follow your heart . That being said i like to share this poem with you it's one of my early writings , i hope you like it and i can really use your opinion so you can comment :)

Every time you pass by my side
i feel something i try so hard to hide

I thought i was smart
choking the loud sound of my heart..

Every time you pass by my side
a thounsand thought rush to my mind

"How are you?" you always say..
and i find myself compelled to lie

I never tell you how i feel 
or that my love for you is real

Your my friend and so much more
your the one i'm looking for

So why are you so blind to see 
the influence you leave in me

Every time you pass by my side 

That's it guys i appreciate your feed back ..and i'll publish more in the up coming days in frensh and arabic mean while if you like here's a link to an arabic poem i worte  Enjoy  :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

new beginnings

I guess I just need a place to release all my feelings again. What better way to do it than to create a new blog ,so i did...
I want to refresh my mind, delete all my problems ,undo all my mistakes and save those amazing moments i lived ..yep that is my new resolution and i attend to achieve it . I know most of people say this to themselves every time something gos wrong and i know every one needs a second chance to put his life in order and focus on what's important , well, i'm one of those people and this is not the beginning of a new life, this is the beginning of a  new chapter in my life and it's already looking good