Monday, January 21, 2013

lucid dream

Hiii every one

It's been a long time and i was working hard so no time for blogs ...but I'm here now and i wanted to talk to you about dreams  , not the kind of dreams we see when we're a sleep , no , not even the ones we see when we're awake staring to the sealing , i'm talking about something else , the kind where it happned , it's real and we feel that  it was sooo goood to be true , those are the dreams i love and i've dicided to share my lucid dream with u ;) enjoy

Was it a good day ? was it a sad day ? i still can't answer the question , all i know is in that day something inside me changed for ever .....the look in my eyes , the smile on my lips everything arouned me is just not the same.

i woke up , his hands around me , the heat coming from his breath touching my neck softly , and i closed my eyes again .....should i wake up !! is this going to end !! but i need his arms i want him to stay like this for ever ..ii don't want this dream to end nor get back to real life ...i know , i know there is no ascape from reality , and i woke up , i can't dream for ever and he can't stay here for ever ....should i ask him to !! Can i ? could he ?

Questions , all these questions driving me mad !! go away !! let me live the moment ....yes i know it's a just a moment , it will pass , and every thing will get back to normal ....He will go back to being someone elses man , he will go back to be free and I , well I'll go back to being me

That's the thing about dreams they don't last for long , sometimes the dream is so perfect , so beautiful you're just afraid to wake up , you want to stay there for ever , you close your eyes so hard and try to go back to sleep , but this , this is not a dream or may be it is and every dream have and end ....this one is no different ...i looked at him while he opned his eyes and smiled , i smiled back but the smile on my lips was not the same , i was saying good by i looked at him i wanted to remember the look in his eyes for ever

The moment passed , was it a good moment ? was it a sad moment ? i don't know , all i know is that moment was mine, he was mine and because of that i'm just not the same ..i woke up ! and now all i have is a memory and even that started to fade away ...

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