Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Memory in the flesh

"Memory in the flesh" is a prize-winning novel, the first to be written by an Algerian woman in Arabic.... The story, spanning more than four decades of Algerian history, from the 1940s to the 1980s, revolves around a love affair between Khaled, the middle-aged militant who turns to painting after losing his left arm in the struggle, and the fiction writer and young daughter of his friend the freedom fighter Si Taher, this story is told through Khaled's voice.

When you read this book , you feel like you've been reading about yourself does not matter where do u come from , where do you just become unconsciously Constantine...

But you also can find your own cuntry in it ... Maybe even your village ... Or that neighborhood you grow up in as a child ,the one you did not notice before this novel ,that it's still stuck in your memory down to the most basic details ...and you will feel nostalgic will think of your long lost love ..or the love you are still waiting for will dive into words and between the letters of  "Memory in the flesh" you will discover art in the revolution... you will fall in love with a  painting that tells the history of a man ... The man who believes that he was born for a purpose and a great cause ...

This book has fascinated and attracted me ,"Ahlam Mosteghanemi" style and the way she 
painted in my mind the most beautiful picture of oblivion, pain, madness and love made me fall in love with this book ... The book took me to several dimensions where i developped a cruch for   Khalid with all his contradictions, strength and weakness ,  pride and sincerity ...I fell in love with  Ziad with his patriotism and sacrifice .. and of course with "Hayat" and her feminine cruelty .

Ahlem Mosteghanemi always stunned me with how she makes her novels beautiful ,delicious , tense, intrusive and lustful, as Nizar kabani said :" outside the law "

"Memory in the Flesh" at this stage of my life made me think of  my first teenage years when i read "Broken wings" destroyed  every thing in me and rebuilt me again ...Thats what makes it worth reading .

Now i'm reading "Chaos of senses " and i'm already amazed :) feel free to join me and 
enjoy a wonderful and pleasurable read, I'm reading these books in Arabic but if you click on the link it will take you to the english version for those who care enough to look  :) 

That's it for now , I'm hoping this review (if i may call it) made you enxious to read more and give this masterpiece a try and feel the magic.