Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer must have !!

Heyyy every one !

It's summer time ! for us girls it is also shopping time :) so what are the new wardrobe time !!
so if you don't know what are the hottests trends are for summer 2013 ,don't wrry i'm going to tell you right now :)


floral dresses , floral pants , floral jeans and floral shirts and skirts , this summer floral everywhere ..

yep stripes still roking , specially black and white ..mixe t up with some colors and you're ready to go ..

neons is one of my vavourite trends for this summer :) don't worry if it is too bold for you , you can always use it as accessories

i think it makes every thing look romantic lol

4#high and low skirts and dresses 

5#cut out
it's always good to show some skin ;)

6#see through tops

Thats it for now , i hope i helped :)

Stay tuned for my next article i'll share things i bought for this summer ;)

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